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This offshore wind project that Deepwater Wind, the Governor and the leadership of the General Assembly want to build will be financed on the backs of the hard working ratepayers and businesses of this State. We don't even need a wind farm to begin with! If it is absolute energy independence we seek, everything we need can be developed right here in this State! We can accomplish two major things by doing this. We can promote small business and allow small businesses which are owned by Rhode Islanders to thrive and prosper. Secondly, these small businesses will provide good paying jobs to Rhode Islanders which need them and allow us to move away from relying on Casino gambling to fund our State’s budget. Our citizens are some of the brightest and most innovative citizens that this country has to offer. Let’s utilize their creativity and allow them to pursue their own American dream!

Utilizing small wind instead of large industrial wind turbines

There is a side of the wind industry which needs to be utilized. The small residential wind industry. The turbines sit on top of a home or business roof. These turbines through our expansive amount of research and working with and consulting with independent scientists and doctors are viewed by our alliance as safe, reliable, and a better deal for our citizens. Unlike large industrial wind turbines there is no environmental impact. No noise is emitted unlike large wind turbines. No oil platform is used unlike large wind turbines to lubricate the turbines which can cause a potential hazard to the environment and have no impact on birds or wild life. This gives the individual homeowner complete energy independence. It completely eliminates the middle man, which will be the multibillion wind power company. We urge you to write or call the Governor and your elected officials and tell them not to sell Rhode Island out to Deepwater Wind.

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